Here we have examples of academic papers on various subjects and of different types

Zoos and Animals

Zoos are foundations for keeping animals in enclosures such as cages for the purposes of conservation, study, or public exhibition. Although the animals receive specialized treatment while in the zoo like grooming, constant food supply, and medical care, it is unethical to restrict the animal behavior since it infringes on their rights. The institutions regard […]

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Preparation for 21st Century

What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st Century? Schools act as centers for improvement and transformation of people’s lives to become better in future. With the recent world that is dominated by the use of technology, knowledge of computers, smartphones or tablets remain crucial to enable accomplishment of the technological […]

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Stereotypes in the Media

The media plays an important role in providing information, entertainment, as well as instilling values to the different members of the society. The undertaking of this roles is, however, marked with a lot of stereotyping. Wolska (2011) defines stereotyping as the act of judging a person or a group of people based on the opinions […]

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Should retirement be compulsory at 65 years of age?

The debate on retiring age limitation has created international attention. Various countries have their rules and regulations governing the retirement age. This is per the rate of unemployment and the population of the concerned country. In my views, I totally oppose the point of compulsory retirement at the age of 65 because it treats the […]

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Reducing congestion in cities

Any individual who lives in a city knows about the escalating number of vehicles on the city roads. The cars cause air contamination and traffic jams as the economy continue to develop, thereby, increasing the access to cars as the population upsurges. In turn, the smoke produced by cars cause air pollution. However, the situation […]

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Advantages and disadvantages of donor aids to undeveloped Nations

Inequality with respect to infrastructure, education, and social development still feature in the current world. Poor nations languish in poverty, political instability while the first nations continue to grow economically due to globalization. The most pertinent question is: can the world donations and funding’s raise their status? In addition, what are the advantages and disadvantages […]

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Why ancient Greek mythology is still relevant today?

The Greek civilization has had a massive influence in the world over the past centuries. In fact, areas such as medicine, sexuality, astronomy, language, Bible, astrology, and psychology have been considerably changed and influenced by Greek culture and mythology (Bremmer, 2014). This is because the Greek mythology tried to explain reasons for the earth’s creation, […]

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Impact of Technology on Human Interaction

Technological advancements have resulted in portable wireless devices with both computing and communication capabilities. A study by Pew Research Center revealed that 93 percent of Americans have access to cellular phones and wireless devices (Smith , 2015). It also revealed that two-thirds of Americans use a smartphone (Smith , 2015).  Portable communication and computing devices have made […]

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