Government Should Not Encourage Certain Percentage of High Level Jobs Reserved For Women

Statistics demonstrate that most high-level jobs are done by men. In this era, the production advances broadly on gender equity. Hence, the government is demanded to energize a sure percentage of high-level jobs to be held for women.

The most critical qualification to use a worker in a high-level job is professionalism, not sex. High-level jobs require high performance and respectability, however when reserving some percentage of these jobs for a specific group of individuals a few issues can be raised. Today the majority of the right individuals are in wrong place due to lack of job opportunities in a nation. This is a direct result of the security of the economy (Beveridge, 2014).

Just like any job, high-level jobs should be awarded by qualification and merit, but not considering as a man or a woman. Individuals from both sexual orientations ought to be given equivalent chance to attempt to win sensibly with every other to land the positions. Giving uncommon support to a specific group to live in a sure percentage of high-level jobs can mean unfair process.

Many women surrender high positions because they require more opportunity for going through with their family. Obviously the higher positions are extremely demanding, however tedious. Responding to their nurturing natures, many women decide to commit a lot of their opportunity to their children and family.  Due to the protective nature the authorities might now and again postpone yet that individual can enlist someone else to deal with that work until she comes to work. This obviously demonstrates sexual orientation; separation has nothing to do.

The government doesn’t need to fulfill the demand by giving so as to save a sure percentage for women exceptional support in job fields (Heery& Kelly, 2008). Naming more women in work would not prompt improvement the nation. The benefit for the society is to unify men and women in a balanced way.

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