Writing an essay with an excellent mark – 6 simple secrets

The four-sheets essay, the artistic description of objects and actions, the use of quotations – all this is faced by students throughout the country, starting with the primary classes. And it’s good if you can write like this, but as a rule, for most students this is quiet horror and they often think something like “write my essay for me”.

Secrets of the description are known to everyone, only someone uses the first, someone second. And they are not secrets at all. Just a few people could collect them in one. Why so mysterious and difficult? Now you will understand everything. A person is endowed with six senses, each of which conveys information to us. And now let’s talk the other way, we’ll deliver our information to the reader.

1st secret – visual perception

Describing the picture, we see objects, actions, phenomena. Writing a yellow sun, green grass doubt that this will bring you five. And imagine what you are saying about what a blind person saw. Let’s try. The sun can be really yellow, but covered with a white cloud that looks like a sail. The grass can also be green, but it is not all the same. It can grow various flowers, for example, dandelions. So also dandelions can be in different stages of maturation: yellow, fluffy, half bald blown away by the wind.

2nd secret – by ear

Here everything is very simple. Imagine yourself inside the picture and describe what you hear. The wind, the swaying of the crown of trees, the chirping of crickets in the night, the loud cries of the guys playing in the yard, the barking of a dog, the clatter of hooves, the crunch of freshly fallen snow. You can even hear the silence, the opening of a rosebud.

3rd secret “delicious”

Or, in other words, what our language can feel. The principle is the same. We dive into the events of the picture and try everything on the tooth. Juicy sweet peaches. Green, still unripe apples. Buried an overripe watermelon.

4th secret – sense of smell

It’s smells. The smell of pine needles in the forest, the aroma of a bouquet of wildflowers, the sweet smell of melons, the notes of fresh morning dew. Or on the contrary unpleasant smells: putrid odor of the swamp, smell of dirty clothes.

5th secret – touch

Let’s try to touch everything that we describe. Here you can go for a walk in full. The river is cold, the leaves are wet, the smooth ice slide, fluffy snow, a warm grandmother’s plaid, a spiky woolen sweater.

6th secret – intuition

But for our purpose we will use it as a secret of assumptions and reasoning. It’s a bit more complicated, but more exciting. Any object is either the end of the artist’s idea (the artists are you or me) or the beginning of new events that have not yet happened. Let’s imagine all the famous picture “Again the deuce”. Most likely it is an apartment in the city, because in the villages the dogs do not wear collars and live on the street. The boy has skates in his briefcase, which means that he has a bad deuce because he went wild and did not have time to learn the lessons. From the faces of my sister and mother, they are very upset, which means that this is not the first two. And from this suggests the conclusion that most likely the boy will be punished, and skates will have to be postponed.

Using these secrets, the student will be able to compose his sequence of writing the essay (maybe he will describe one subject on six points, or maybe vice versa, first he will write what picture is beautiful, then “tasty”, what smells like, etc.). Remember these principles can even a small child.

Now an excellent score for essay writing to him is guaranteed.

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