Nine Guidelines for Writing a Case Report

Make use of these ten recommendations when composing a police report; it will make the process of writing quicker. And this is just only one of multiple advantages. Every person who checks out the report will be surprised by your writing ability and professional qualities. You will be able to get rid of time-wasting redundance, which is characteristic for police writing in general.

  1. Make use of personal pronouns when you compose about other people and yourself on the scene of the crime. Prevent the usage of obsolete expressions like “these policemen” and “the victim mentioned above.”
  2. Remember to apply one idea for sentence only.

Simple and brief sentences are really easy to comprehend and read, conserving time for everybody. You will especially value the given time-saving guideline when you review a written report to be prepared for a court hearing procedure. The longer sentences are, the more likely you are going to bark up the wrong tree. The same tip can become helpful not only for police reports but also for school report writing.

  1. Start all sentences with things, people, or places.

A typical structure of sentence starts with a noun, and also the grammar is straightforward: Just place a period at the end of a sentence. On the other hand, complex sentences demand difficult punctuation, which can open doors to blunders in sentences.

  1. Reduce yourself to the usage of three commas for a single sentence.

When a sentence includes four commas and more, it is most likely to be difficult to read easily as it may include punctuation mistakes.

  1. Make use of simple language.

The word “since” is simpler to comprehend and write in comparison with “inasmuch as.” “In point of” is an elegant and time-wasting equivalent for “about.”

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  1. Adhere to observable things.

Presumptions, surmises, conclusions as well as other idea procedures do not belong to a written report. A sentence like “She was dangerous” will not stand up in a court. However, it is possible to write “Irene clenched her fists and booted a table.”

  1. Compose in parts.

Arranging information in sections possesses two significant advantages: The report is much more logical, and it can become simpler to comprehend and read in future.

  1. Make use of active voice.

A mistaken thought in law administration claims that passive voice can guarantee both accuracy and objectivity. Fake. Composing a sentence like “A gun was noted under the table” does not guarantee that you are informing about true facts. It is better to compose “I noted a gun under the table.”

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  1. Make use of bullet style.

You have probably been composing shopping lists quite often. Try to apply the same format when you record a few pieces of adjacent information, like this:

Rose Woodbridge informed me that:

  • She and Harry were fighting all the time
  • He had been drunk when she returned home after work
  • He threw a package of frozen beans at her
  • She did not touch him

These nine recommendations may alter your report writing, turning you into more professional and effective writer. Do not attempt to follow all nine at once. Pick up a couple of them to center on until they become the habit; then get back to other guidelines. More advices here:

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