How to find time for a hobby if it seems that there is absolutely no time to relax?

You cannot always do just what you need, muttering under your breath: “Ah, there is no happiness in the world, but there is peace and will…” There is happiness in the world.

The right way to feel it is to do what you love.

Why cannot I find a few minutes and spend them in fun?

Family people easily get used to hyperactivity. They know that the salary from the sky will not be poured and the socks do not wash themselves, that’s what they try to do in a day as much as possible. I myself am.


All cases cannot be remade.

I heard this wisdom from a woman who is twice my age, from an elderly nurse who made me massage at a sanatorium. She said that in her youth she was constantly in a hurry and fussed, and then suddenly realized: the endless everyday turmoil will take exactly as long as you give it to her.

The person chooses himself: he can move on clean and lick the apartment every night, turning his life into a fight with dust, and can allocate at least one evening a week to a sweetheart infatuation.

You object: “But some cases cannot be canceled! We cannot help the child with the lessons, we must bring the products to elderly parents…”

Here I turn not to worldly wisdom, but to the authority of Stephen Covey. I will not say that everything in my teaching about personal effectiveness admires absolutely everything, but under his arguments on the topic of delegation of leadership I will sign with pleasure.

Delegation of the manual on Covi – tightly organized transfer of duties. Your son is quite capable of taking products to a retired grandmother and telling her the paragraph that you need to learn for control. In the meantime, you will be engaged in needlework. But you should not submit this idea to relatives in the format of an ultimatum. They are unlikely to like that their time is disposed of without their participation.

Stephen Covey writes:

Many people – manufacturers inherent paradigm of delegation of performance. They do not know how to organize delegation in such a way that the other person assumes responsibility for achieving the results. They focus on the methods of execution, therefore responsibility for the result rests with them. But how much work can be done this way? And how many people can be managed, given the need to monitor their every move?

No one knows your loved ones as well as you know them. Choose the powers that will be under the power of relatives, then think in the spirit of wines. Do not settle for the easiest way – to pay the child ice cream, and a compassionate mother to convince by whining.

Approximately the same scheme is applicable to the work – if, of course, you are not a sole proprietor, depriving yourself of even the services of a secretary from the economy.

Deeply delve into the theory of delegation, I now will not – better read the original.

On my own I’ll add that finding a time for a hobby will help a clear regime of the day. Set yourself a rule to regularly release for a favorite occupation a certain period of time – for example, Sunday from 15:00 to 20:00. Focusing on a specific time, getting rid of the routine is much easier. You yourself will notice that you are more likely to cope with the hassle in anticipation of a reward – a good, meaningful holiday.

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