The body also remembers

Our body is incapable of lying. It speaks of our experiences, conflicts, sufferings. But can they cause disease? To what extent can our past affect our health? Let’s try to understand the complex relationship between body memory and consciousness. We do not exist outside the body. “Everything that happens in our minds is a reflection […]

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How to recognize a mental disorder?

Your 68-year-old mother suddenly admitted that someone was following her all the time. Husband, previously a calm and sociable person, suddenly lost interest in everything. What is it, a temporary behavior disorder or a serious illness? And most importantly – what to do about it? Everyone whose close relative, family member suddenly changed, became another […]

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How to Get Better Sleep

Two-and-a-half years back, I experienced the terrible situation of insomnia. I have had time to rest from drugs, semi-month, which gave me some fantastic (she is) peace, until I recognized-very big on nervousness throughout the day. Per week, drug-related, got me to meet more and more discomfort (nervousness) signs. Bed-AIDS had the same impact on […]

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